Two swimsuit trends you should definitely try


 Look 1:
Bathing suit top: Victoria's Secret (old, but similar VS version here) // Bottoms: Victoria's Secret // Hat: Forever 21 // Ponyholder bracelets: Urban Outfitters // 
Sunglasses: Thrifted, but found them here
Look 2: 
One-piece bathing suit: Forever 21 (similar lace-up version here and obsessed with this one from Target - yes I said TARGET!) // Chambray shirt: Banana Republic // Sandals: American Eagle // Hat: Forever 21 // Sunglasses: Thrifted, but found them here

*Necklace in both pics is just an old long-chain necklace from Express. The main charm broke off, so I repurposed by wrapping the chain twice around my neck and spread out the other two tiny charms. It's actually one of my favorite necklaces now! 

     I typically don't share bathing suit pics, but I thought these would be ok considering how modest they are. The first look you see is the first time I've tried the high-waisted bottoms trend. (Thanks for the encouragement T-Swift!) It was suuuuper comfortable and hit my waist at just the right spot. I've tried other high-waisted bottoms on in stores, but they always fit wrong. However, this pair from Victoria's Secret fit like a gem.
    Also.... one-pieces are my J-A-M! I always have problems finding a bottom bikini piece that fits. I wasn't blessed with a Kardashian-esque bodacious behind.  (Sidenote: I used to do the ultimate 90's workout video Tamilee Webb Buns of Steel all the tiiiiime. It didn't really work. Maybe because I wasn't wearing scrunched down socks with sneakers and a belted leotard? Hindsight 20-20 am I right? But I digress...) I found that these one-pieces pull up my rear like a hiney-hike up I've never experienced before! Bonus to the one piece? I can do one KILLER cannonball into the pool without having to scurry to pull my suit back on before resurfacing. Look out world. If you don't want to get wet... you best be stayin' outta the splash zone. ( I feel like I should be doing a Spice Girls peace sign pose right now. That's totally something 8-year old Lindsey would've said.)

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