Costa Rica: Parte Uno

     Buenas noches mis amigos! We just got back from Costa Rica last night and I couldn't wait to upload some pictures from our trip. There were so many beautiful things to see and memories to make. We didn't have very good internet access and Instagram wouldn't work at all. But, that was ok by me because instead of updating my feed I was able to enjoy the perfect paradise with Mike.
     On our way to the Riu Guanacaste Hotel we spotted some monkeys! (pic above) Our shuttle driver even pulled over so we could get a closer look and snap a few pics. I also learned that "monos" is "monkeys" in Spanish. I tried learning as much of the language as possible. Watching Seinfeld episodes in Spanish definitely helped (especially for Mike who knows every word of every episode. So, translation came easy for him. Haha!)
    The first thing we did when we got there was head to the beach. The view was stunning to say the least. Two pina coladas later we went back to the room and zonked. We hadn't slept for a good 30 hours so it was definitely necessary.
    Day two was spent lounging in the sand, jumping in the waves, cooling off by the pool and eating ice cream. (Note to self: all you can eat ice cream just as deliciously dangerous.) That cute little critter you see above in th pictures enjoyed some spilled ice cream too. We can't figure out what it is! Does anyone know?

    I'll have another post coming soon with shots of our rain forest adventures (butterfly garden, hot springs, zip lining, waterfalls, etc.) I'll also do full posts on the outfits for you all. Now, if you excuse me I need to tend to my post-vaca depression... and sunburn!

Look One: 
Top - Victoria's Secret (old, similar here)  // Bottom - Victoria's Secret // Hat - Forever 21 // Ponytail holder bracelets: Urban Outfitters
Look Two:
Dress: Thrifted (old, similar style here) // Sandals: Charlotte Russe // Bra: Urban Outfitters // Sunglasses: Thrifted, but found them here) Ponytail holder bracelets: Urban Outfitters