Casual Friday

Purse: forever 21 - Jeans: Target Shirt: Thrifted - Polka-Dot Blouse: (old, but similar here) Sweater: Ann Taylor via thrifting (got if for $5 - not even kidding) - similar style here (Ralph Lauren) Necklace: Patty's Closet (old) Heels: similar here (ASOS)

     First of all...I got this Ann Taylor sweater at Goodwill for $5. I feel prouder of this purchase than that $100 sweater at the mall. Why? It's in mint condition considering someone probably wore it once, got bored, then gave it away. I can't tell you how many times I've gone into thrift stores and found items that still had tags on them!

Feel weird about thrifting? DON'T!
     When someone tells me they feel weird about thrift shopping I ask them about the last trip they took. Did you stay in a hotel? Did you shower there? Ok... then you used the same towels that countless others wiped their dirty bums with. Did you sleep there? Take a second to think of all the thousands that slept on that mattress before you. Try not to think about what happened on those sheets. Now think about all the gross natural things that happen when ANYONE sleeps (sweat, dead skin cells,etc.) Ewww! Now try and remember why you feel weird about buying this barely worn sweater. (Sidenote: I feel like I sound like that Old Spice Commercial )

     Bottom line is... don't feel bad about thrift shops. Make it a day and go with your girls!


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