Hey everyone! Today was the first semi-chilly day in Vegas, and in less than 24 hours I've amped up my #FallFanatic mode to 100. I could smell the crispiness in the air today and it made me giddy. Like... drive to work singing the whole way giddy. 
     It's still too warm for sweaters and scarves... but a girl can dream right? I love monochromatic outfits because it's easy and always looks so chic. I also like the look of a scarf piled on a slouchy turtleneck. When it gets super cold you could add a tan below the knee coat. 
    Oh October, I'm so happy to have you in my life again!

Monochromatic by lindsey-simon featuring woven scarves

Madewell layered sweater

Salsa beige jeans
$72 -

Platform wedge boots

Witchery nude handbag
$86 -

Kate Spade analog wrist watch

JFR set ring
$21 -

Ray-Ban brown aviator sunglasses
$185 -

H M woven scarve
$12 -

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