Wednesday Wish List

Wednesday Wish List

If any of you have ever been on a  hardcore diet you've probably had those moments maybe a week in where you just can't take it anymore and you end up gorging on all the sweets and carbs you've been deprived of for the past few days. Well... that's what's happening to me right now - but with shopping!
I've been saving up for the wedding for so long that I'm feeling this urge to just buy everything in sight! Isn't the first step admitting that I have a problem? But I'm stickin' to my guns dangit!
Instead, I'll just peruse the entire internet and continue to "faux shop" filling up online bags with hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, accessories and anything else that catches my eye.

P.S. Seriously - those Isabel Marant sandals?! I've already looked for a knock-off version to no avail. I may have to do a DIY project to make my own. If so - I'll definitely do a post on it!

Joseph relaxed fit top

Isabel Marant genuine leather shoes
$835 -

STELLA McCARTNEY chain handbag

Maison Scotch suede fringe backpack
$255 -

Vita Fede black cuff bracelet

Bird ring

Sterling silver band ring

Bling Jewelry bracelet jewelry

River Island bead chain necklace
$37 -

Ray-Ban black glasses

By Malene Birger black wool fedora

CellPowerCases tech accessory

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