The "Lip-Biter"

Shirt: H&M (sold out)  / Skirt: DHgate / Shoes:Eva & Zoe  Purse: Thrifted

I have this new thing for tulle skirts. And there's a funny/ not so funny story about this skirt. 
I originally ordered it in white, but they sent me black instead. A little ticked off, I decided to make it work anyways. I got it for a steal, so why not right? 
I always like mixing pieces that are a little dressier with items that are a bit more casual for an unexpected look, A skirt like this can pair well with a tee - and the sequins add a little something extra.
I'm not a sequins girl, but the shirt reminded me of the Rolling Stones (and I AM a Rolling Stones fan) so... I got it. 
When my fiance (still odd saying that) walked in the door he seemed a little confused with the outfit. And THAT my friends is how I know it's a good one.

Let that be a rule of thumb ladies. If your guy is a little confused at what you're wearing, but keeps looking at you in that "it's a little weird but I think I like it" kind of way... you've got a winner. 
After all... we're not really dressing for the men are we?

So happy my crappy computer stayed alive long enough to let me post this! Let's meet again soon, shall we?

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