"Bringin' Booty Baaaack..." (All under $100!!!)

"Bringin' Booty Baaaack..." (All under $100!!!)

It's that time! I looove me some boots of ANY kind, but the over-the-knee style is definitely one of my favorites. When they're flat, they give your outfit a little something extra, and the heeled versions make you look like you have legs for dayz (yes... with a "z").
I love pairing them with skinny pants, but they also look great with midi skirts and dresses.
The heel of my favorite over-the-knee boots broke last year, so I'll definitely be purchasing one of these styles. Hey - they're under $100!

"Bringin' Booty Baaaack..." (All under $100!!!) by lindsey-simon featuring thigh high boots

Bucco thigh boots

Thigh high boots

Charlotte Russe red boots

Thigh high boots

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