Lindsey's Love List: Rompers (everything under $100)

Lindsey's Love List: Rompers (everything under $100)

Lindsey's Love List: Rompers (everything under $100) by lindsey-simon featuring a playsuit jumpsuit
When you live in Las Vegas you get used to seeing girl after girl after girl after...(you get the point) wearing the same old little black dress. I admit, before I lived here I would pack my "Vegasy" dresses that I'd never wear anywhere else because they were too tight, too short, and let's face it, if you're dancing you WILL have a wardrobe malfunction.
So, if I'm going out and want to get "fancy-shmancy"I like to wear a jumpsuit / romper. For one - it sets you apart from the giant "black bandage sea". (I know you know what I'm talking about). They're also comfortable, classy, stylish and you can actually move in them! And if you're wanting to get noticed, this will do it. A bonus? You don't have to constantly worry about crossing your legs in fear of showing... well... you get the point.
So here's to all you Vegas visitors out there, whom I love and adore, let's rise above the skin-tight belts that ladies like to pass off as "dresses" - and get to stunnin' in some sleek and sexy rompers!

Oh - and did I mention? Everything you see here is under $100 (shoes included). Which leaves you for more money to spend at the craps table! Cheers!

Rory Beca purple jumpsuit

Mink Pink jump suit

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