Leopard and Floral


    I love mixing prints, and one of the easiest ways is with leopard and floral. Truthfully, leopard print shoes in general can be considered a neutral and pretty much go with anything. With work, I typically have to wear fitted dresses (as flowy clothing tends to not look so good on air) and they usually need to be bright colors. But this dress adds a little something more - without being too busy in front of the camera.
    As for what tonight's plans are - besides posting... I'm trying to get my flight plans together for VACATION! I haven't been on a real vaca since... holllly smokes... I can't even remember! I'm not complaining though. I've had a lot of great trips with amazing friends and unforgettable experiences. But, going to the beach for a week with family and just being a lump on a log. Oh man. That's heaven and I cannot wait! Which makes me think... I deserve a new bathing suit. Off to online shopping I go....

But before I leave, click here to hear the song I've had in my head all day. In case you haven't heard, there's a new Michael Jackson album out. The tracks were recorded before he died. The music is mixed by major music produceders including Timbaland and L.A. Reid. Enjoy.

Dress: One Clothing
Shoes: Nine West (similar here and here )
Jacket: h&m (similar here )


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