Coo-coo for Coca-Cola

Jacket: h&m (similar here ) // Shorts: Old Levis that I cut up // Coke tee: Boyfriend's (also like this one and this one ) // Bracelets: American Eagle/ Urban Outfitters // Watch: New York & Co. // Rings: Vintage and h&m
       I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm spending my night doing what I normally do on Mondays after work... sitting on my couch like a piece on junk in my PJ's, eating leftovers and watching 'Dexter' on Netflix.
       I've made it a point to only watch 'Dexter' one to two times a week because I get abnormally obsessed... "Dext-essed". Seriously, it gets weird.
     Hope you have a great start to your week - and if you have any TV show obsessions that you think I'd like - let me know! We're almost done with 'Dexter' and I'm on the prowl for a new show worthy of my Marathon Mondays.

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Heels: Diba

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