Bungalow Clothing

 This is Lauren - she owns her own modeling agency here in Vegas and I'm pretty sure she's killing it. I just met her at this event and she's as sweet as can be!
Dress: J Crew Shoes: Chloe
 Here's Jennifer! One of the talents behing Bungalow Clothing. I loooove her style.

     I was invited to this get together at Vdara here in Las Vegas on behalf of Bungalow Clothing and was stunned with all the amazing clothes/accessories they have. Plus, anyone that offers you a glass of wine when you walk in the door is the perfect host in my eyes.
     For those of you that don't know, Bungalow is a company that basically sends you items to try and whatever you don't like you send back. Whatever you DO like, they just put it on your card and you keep. You can either pick things out from their website, or they have their stylists send you a "cart" of clothes. They pretty much just bring the dressing room to you. Plus, you don't have to pay for shipping!
     This would be perfect for the lady who doesn't really have time to go shopping, hates trying clothes on in dressing rooms, and wants their own personal stylist. They're also incredibly talented at putting things together.
      So how do they know what you like? You just fill out an online style profile on their website. Seriously takes 10 seconds - and it's free! Check it out!
      P.S. Tomorrow's Friday! Time to celebrate.

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