Weekend Hangout

          I hope you all had a 'egg-celent' Easter!(See what I did there? Cheesy puns are kind of my thing. If you're still reading - thanks for dealing with the Dad humor). Ours was sooo nice - except for one thing. We tried a new church and the sermon was - uh - unusual?! I typically love Easter Sunday because it's such a happy time! But, somehow the pastor managed to spend the entire time talking about death, the downfall of the economy and... are you ready for this... Adolf Hitler?! I'm serious. The bright side is the ladies we sat next to were so sweet and incredibly welcoming.
        Afterwards we had some good grub at my boyfriends' parents house and hung by the pool. All in all a good day. To make things even better - my mom sent us a package filled with Easter eggs, candy and a note from the Easter bunny. It was signed "Easter Bunny." (Christmas presents are also signed by Santa, and my mom reminds us that "he's always watching." Moms. They're the best).
        While I'm on the topic - each holiday we always get toothbrushes. Stockings, Easter Baskets, Birthdays... always a new toothbrush. It's become sort of a tradition.
        Do you have any Easter traditions? Let me know!
Shoes: Zara (old but found them here )
Shades: RayBan
Shirt: similar plus more Beatles gear here
Jacket: h&m
Jeans: Target (and seriously my fave pair)
Watch: American Eagle
Rings: Vintage
Bag: MMS
Lipstick: "Mehr" by MAC

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