Skorty Spice

     I recently celebrated a birthday and my incredible boyfriend got me a brand new camera! Actually, it's the ONLY really good camera I've ever had so you can imagine how excited I am. We went out today to try it out and I'm pleasantly surprised. It really makes a difference and I couldn't be happier.
     The rest of the Bday was great. We went to our favorite local casino and... well... lost. But it was fun! In fact, the two guys sitting next to us were sharing birthdays too- how weird. I checked their IDs because I didn't believe them, but it was true. If I'm being incredibly honest, I do NOT like celebtrating my birthday with anyone else. It's selfish I know, but these guys were great - and we all had a blast.
     Anyways - enough about me. I hope you all have a great week - and make sure to check back soon! With the new camera - you can bet there will be a lot of new posts to come.
Skort: Zara (white and black versions here
Shirt: Kenar
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Leather Jacket: h&m
Rings/Earrings: Vintage
Clutch: Express (similar here )

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