Radiant Orchid - Color of 2014

 Pantone's color of the year is "Radiant Orchid". And I'm so happy because I have basically no purple in my wardrobe - and this means stores will be pumping out items in this color by spring / summer. (yay!) Not everyone likes to dress head to toe purple so I've found a few (inexpensive) ways you can be on trend without going coo coo color crazy.
1. This dress by Calvin Klein would be perfect for work. It stands out but isn't overwhelming. For a simple look - wear it with turquoise jewelry and some nude shoes. For a little more "umph" try a larger statement necklace - and some metallic shoes.
2. I actually own a similar purse like this one from ASOS  and wear it when I've got a neutral outfit on for some pop. I like this one because it's inexpensive, simple and small enough to carry around if you're, say, running errands.
3. Equipment blouse. This would be the alternative to the shirt dress if you didn't want to wear as much of the color. Again, I'd pair it with a big necklace and maybe a blazer / jeans or skinny pants.
4. Caitlin from the blog A little dash of darling nails it with this! She paired a radiant orchid skirt with a jean jacket and striped shirt (and who doesn't already have that in their closet? If you don't - go out and buy them... after reading this of course).
5. To all you commitment-phobes out there... nail color is the EASIEST way to rock a new trend. It's cheap - plus... if you don't like it... just take it off!
6. These shoes from ASOS are perfect! I'd pair them with a navy dress - or actually anything! This color actually goes with a lot. (navy, turquoise, mustard, blue, emerald, grey, black, white...)

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